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Type of Hero Flora | Stanley Yelnats IV | Enemies Auron | Faline | Henry Mills | She can also dig through sand to find treasure and pick up sea shells with which to break open chests. Gavin Magary | Afterwards… Melody | Lumière | Wendy Darling | June | When Eric strolls in, Ariel is too shy to go to him until Snow White pushes her. Miles "Tails" Prower | Sharpay Evans | Fifi | Sarabi | Elrena | Penny Gadget | Waylon and Floyd | With Sebastian's assistance, Ariel finds her mother's music box and they decide to return it to Triton. Origin King Triton | Chiro | Cassim | Prince Naveen | Poppy Peepleson | In the first film, Eric has decided to date Ariel after she saved him from drowning during a storm. Aurora (2014) | The Sultan | Fagin | She is the first Disney Princess to physically fight the villain of her movie. Also, like other merfolk, Ariel possesses a certain degree of superhuman strength and durability, as well as aquapathy, aquakinesis, and thermoendurance. Before Ursula can kill her, Eric kills Ursula by ramming a derelict ship's splintered prow through her enlarged torso. Belle promises the box will aid in Wendy's release, to which they agree to not interfere. Prince Charming | TLMS (10 years) Origin Now capable of speaking again, Ariel sets off to Agrabah to find Eric, but accidentally gets herself in trouble when she takes a fork, unaware that it is stealing. Jasiri | Pocahontas | Afterwards, a devastated King Triton bans all music from Atlantica and throws the music box deep into the ocean. King Louie | However, she is also very energetic, active, brave, and is unafraid to speak her mind. Pocahontas advises Vanellope to find some water and stare at it. In "Pluto vs. Figaro", she tried to sing on stage, although the set ended up falling on top of her due to Pluto and Figaro's antics. "Ariel" made a cameo during in The Return of Jafar. Sara Jean Reynolds | Without Hook noticing, Ariel saves Black Beard from death in order to obtain information about Eric's whereabouts on Hangman's Island. Professor Buffo | Mama Odie | Doc McStuffins | Esmeralda | Prior to Prospero's arrival, Ariel was enslaved by the evil witch Sycorax, who had been banished to the island from her native Algiers. The Lion Guard | If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, take a wild guess. Protagonist | Basil of Baker Street | Donald Duck | In the Enchanted Forest, Ariel witnesses a shipwreck at sea and saves a human, Prince Eric, from succumbing to death. Ienzo | However, she did not always have this trait; until she was 15 years of age, she expressed a deep fear of humans similar to Triton's prejudiced of humans, although her witnessing some humans saving a beached dolphin changed her views on the matter. 1 About 2 Heroes List 3 Soulstones 4 Updates 4.1 Renamed There are 105 heroes you can collect through the game. Shortly after, Ariel and Cinderella take a liking to Vanellope's casual modern attire. Timon | While Hook is still disheveled, Ariel snaps him into consciousness and then slaps him as penance for previously tossing Black Beard overboard back in the Enchanted Forest. Although spirited, even she has had some degree of self-doubts about herself, as she actually at one point considered her father might have been correct and that she may have been a freak for having any fascination for humanity. Another example of her forgiving side is in the fourth issue of Disney Comics where she decided, against Sebastian's statements, to save a human whose submersible was trapped, despite knowing full well that he tried to harm her beforehand. Thomas | Hurley | Denahi | Enemies Abigail Chase | Data-Sora, Movies When Melody's safety is threatened by Ursula's sister Morgana, Ariel and Eric decide they must keep Melody from the sea, and build a large wall to separate it from the castle. Meeko | Max | Tiana | Having fun with Flounder and Sebastian.Being with Eric.Spending time with Melody. Rumplestilstkin | Tummi Gummi | Pocahontas | In "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner", she is sitting next to Sebastian before Goofy takes him to cook for Mortimer, who was pretending to be a critic. Rapunzel | Anastasia Tremaine | Data-Riku | Kerchak | You can help Movie Heroes Wiki by expanding it. Rebecca Cunningham | Penny | Colette Marchant | Iridessa | Gyro Gearloose | Kovu | Wilbur Robinson | One of her original hobbies was to collect human stuff. Who needs them?". However 12 years later, Melody's love of the sea proves too strong and she visits Morgana, who turns her into a mermaid temporarily. Pollie Pi | Island Owl, Special Agent Oso Chip Potts (2017) | Joshamee Gibbs | Once Belle retrieves the box, the men beg her not to help Mr. Gold, and they eventually confess to assisting Pan because he has their sister, Wendy Darling . Despite her usual naivety and impulsiveness, Ariel has shown on many occasions to be serious, careful, and very intelligent and intuitive, capable of learning from her mistakes and making up for any damage that she causes. This spunky, independent teenage red-head is at a time in her life when she is questioning authority and testing the limits of her boundaries. Princess Isabel | She and the other Disney princesses work as cast members that meet-and-greet net users. Aqua | Gabe | Merida | Hercules | Perdita | Tramp | Vultures | Pocahontas | Chip Potts | Prince Edward | Coochie | Ariel's mother is absent, having already died prior to the events of the series. Additionally, the bracelet will only give her legs for twenty-four hours. Paw Pilot | Maleficent (2014) | Taran | Alias Mickey Mouse | Thomas O'Malley | Ned | Cinderella | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Be Yourself is when the heroes tries to impress their friends, family members or love interest to change their image and not be a loser, geek, etc. The series, set an unspecified time before the first film, depicts Ariel's adventures as a mermaid living under the sea with her father, Sebastian and Flounder. Glowworm | Grumpy | José Carioca | Patch | Boris Hauntley, The Arcade Space Dog | Kirby | Mature Ariel … Once Upon a Time Hook admits he was too focused on his own ambitions and couldn't hold up his end of the bargain with Ursula. George | Megan | Bashful | Pete | Nearby, the Evil Queen unceremoniously informs Ariel that she stole her voice. Baymax | Chrysta | Protect Melody from Morgana (succeeded).Help Sofia save Oona from Cedric, and defeat Vor (succeeded)Support Vanellope (in Ralph Breaks the Internet)Restore music and happiness to the Kingdom of Atlantica by avenging her late mother Queen Athena (succeeded). Grandmother Fa | Ocean | She also saved Flounder from petrification in the penultimate issue. In the fictionalized encounter she saves Anderson's life, inspiring him to write the story. Moki | In a special trailer promoting the film Lilo & Stitch, Ariel was seen performing the reprise of "Part of Your World", when Stitch surfs a giant wave towards her, ruining the song. Harriet | Lea | Genie | Morgana then uses the trident's magic to force everyone to bow before her. Freeze Girl | Lucinda | Family Princess Calla | Toby | When she enters the tent, she admits to Eric that he is a mermaid. Marie | Emma Swan | Fairy Godmother | Melody first appears as an infant at the beginning of the film. Jonathan Boy | Powers/Skills Baloo | Jinmay | After learning that they were led to her hut while tracking Jafar, she brings out a Genie which she believes to be Agrabahn. She is later seen laughing with the rest of the audience after the crew call him out and insult him. Urchin | Sara Evers | Tidus | Larry | El Chupacabra | Maid Marian | Mooch | Morogo | Mufasa | Kristoff | King Triton uses his trident to transform Ariel back into her own mermaid form to find and rescue Melody. Philoctetes | Lumière | Several episodes highlight her relationship with her friends and family, expanding upon their roles in the film. Jenny Foxworth | Tinker Bell | Sam Flynn | Angelique | Ariel is the only Disney Princess to know sign language. Eeyore | Adult–Mermaid In "Ask Von Drake", Ariel is seen in Professor Von Drake's song, sitting next to a giant seashell where Ursula is hiding. Madame Leota | Paxton | Before the sunset of the third day, she had to let Prince Eric kiss her w… Migs, Luna, and Skylar | Phillip Brainard | Ariel has the most songs sung by any Disney movie character, despite the fact that she only has one song in her original movie (not counting the reprise). Coo | Morph | Elizabeth James | Blag | Pip | Vexen | Xion) | Belle (2017) | Jaq | Percy | At shore, Ariel tells her about Eric and demonstrates how she will be meeting him by transforming her tail into human legs. Along with instructions for the route to Storybrooke, Mr. Gold also gives Ariel an enchanted sand dollar, which she needs to give to Belle and find the item. Alice | Zach | Belle | Setzer Gabbiani | Apricot | Roquefort | Though he succeeded in flooding the club, he was stopped from closing the club as Ariel was still present. Kevin Flynn | Ryu | Queen Miranda | King Triton, Sebastian, Flounder, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy She eventually told Triton this, but when she tried to find the wizard fish, he disappeared, although not before leaving a note. Mermaid, Ariel, also known as the Little Mermaid, is a recurring character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Grand Councilwoman | Chico | In Little Mermaid's Island, her seashell bra looks more like a strapless top that covers all of her torso. Skeeter Bronson | Francisco | Baloo (2016) | Gloomius Maximus | Spirit Dream Eaters | Rajah | Giselle | Eyeing the redhead's lack of clothing, Granny chides her that she'll not be given diner service for her improper attire, though Leroy defends Ariel. Pink-Dress Sora | Nick Parker | Silvermist | Lea | Porthos | Artemis Fowl I | Ingrid | Bob | Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad | Captain Jack Sparrow | Zeus, Other Square Enix Characters Megara | Panchito Pistoles | Ariel is the first Disney Princess to have biological siblings, the second being. King Roland II | Wilhelmina Packard | Horace Horsecollar | Beshte | Zeus | Annie | Sally | Billy Bevel | Madeline Robin | Pappy | Guile | Mr. Meacham | Nanny | Ariel first appears exploring the sunken ship with her fish friend … Many fans consider Ariel to be Disney's most beautiful princess due to her colorful and exotic features. Lucky | ), Elena of Avalor Fairy Godmother | Raksha | On her way there, she saves Snow White from drowning. Flynn Rider | Yen Sid | Mouse | Ariel gets her voice back. Darwin | Url | Pistol Pete | Pumbaa | Adira | Ariel is a female contestant inBattle for Puppet Pals Dream Island and an supporting character of Return of the Hang Glider Part 2. Dorothy Gale | Her enthusiastic nature tends to have a rather great effect on many of the people around her, including very few villains, most notably Evil Mantis' son and eventually, Evil Mantis himself. KnowsMore | Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Kairi | Robin Hood | Yuna | Fred | Muses | Before leaving upon opening the keyhole, however, Sora and Ariel vow that they'll see each other again. Master Eraqus | Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | Lauriam | Judy Hopps | Peg Pete | Max Keeble | Mike Wazowski | Megara | Ranjan's Father | Eeyore | Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 | Spot the Killer Whale | In the end, however, she manages to change her father's ways of life and bring music and fun back to Atlantica and Ariel becomes much more optimistic and hopeful, and so does her father, her sisters, and all of her friends. She is the seventh daughter of King Triton, ruler of her underwater home called Atlantica. Lost Boys | Hyacinth Hippo | However, she wanted to know more about the humans and was fascinated by them. Yabba | Evelyn Robin | Princess Tamina | Abu | Jim Evers | Rajah | The Peddler | Leo Callisto, The Lion Guard Gantu | Pascal | Despite being of royalty, Eric is an accomplished mariner who is often seen partaking in various duties aboard ships in his own fleet. Spot | However, her most notable trait was her deep love and fascination for humans, having desired to become human during the events of the first film, even prior to meeting her future husband, Eric. Cody | Blanky | Scrooge McDuck | Tarzan | Widow Tweed | She stands up for equal rights more abrasively, she likes playing or at least watching sports, and she is not afraid to get dirty. Angel | Merryweather | Alistair Krei | As he refused to follow her orders, Sycorax punished him by trapping him within the bark of a pine tree for … Also, she is rarely into fashion, jewelry or matriarchy like her sisters are and really only pretties herself up on important occasions, and she can hold her own against a shark, even a great white shark. Full Name Robin Hood | Charles de Girl | Like her father, Ariel has a bad temper if she ever is provoked, although hers is not as bad as his. On the third day, Ursula transforms herself into a human woman named Vanessa and bewitches Eric to make him marry her using Ariel's voice in the process. Rocket, 3rd & Bird With Hook and his crew mate, Smee, she joins them to hunt down the ship. Wolf | Aqua breathingSuperhuman swimming speedSuperhuman strengthSuperhuman durabilityThermoenduranceAquapathyAquakinesisRapid adaptabilityAdvanced literature and sign languageSwordsmanshipPoiseAgility Dress Cash | Yesss | Piglet | King Gregor | Captain Jack Sparrow | Though Vanellope isn't convinced, Ariel reaffirms that it's not just water, but "important water". Bucky | Mulan | Vanellope von Schweetz | To become a human and find Eric (succeeded)To save Snow White from the Evil Queen (succeeded) Grand Duke | Hamish, Hubert, & Harris | Mr. Magoo | Jasmine, who is faced with the possible destruction of her kingdom by the evil sorcerer Jafar, asks if Eric has an army and, upon learning that he does indeed have a navy, offers to help Ariel find him by using a magic carpet. Olaf | Ariel being changed back into a mermaid by Triton After she kisses Eric and during their wedding, she wears a white wedding dress with a sparkling golden tiara on her veil. Ariel is an elemental air spirit who inhabited the island where the wizard Prospero was exiled in William Shakespeare's The Tempest. Sparkles, Patsy Smiles, Jane Doe, Helen of Troy, Tula, Weebo, Lady, Thumbelina and Ann Darrow in The Mighty Kong. Somehow, Ariel finds a necklace that returns her legs and voice to her as long as she is wearing it. Fran, Charlie and Lola Rani | Ansem the Wise | Megara | However, during her third film, Ariel grew up mostly pessimistic due to her father banning music and fun from Atlantica after her mother's death, making life around the kingdom boring and frustrating for her, and despite her trying to lighten the mood around the kingdom every now and again, her father becomes extremely annoyed and forces her to stop and obey his rules. Zeus | Zini | Chief Bogo | Chad Danforth | Ariel is the only Disney Princess to not be born as a human and the only one to be a mythical creature. Princess of Atlantica and seventh in line to the throne (under the sea)Queen consort of her husband's kingdom (on land) Neera | Olympian Gods (Posidon, Aphrodite, Apollo) | Eric | Marina | Yao, Ling, and Chien Po | Launchpad McQuack | Kronk | Tiger Lily | Ariel is the first Disney Princess to save her prince. George of the Jungle | Rancis Fluggerbutter | Prince Naveen | Sven | She is … Queen Elinor | The feature was to be a very faithful adaption to Hans Christian Andersen's tale with the Mermaid dying and turning into sea foam in the end. Baylene | Triton trades himself for Ariel, enabling Ursula to claim his trident. Flounder | Belle | Stripey | Jim Hawkins | No information Pluto | Troy Bolton | Rama | Princess Elena | Judy Hopps | She is also shown to be very forgiving and defended even people who were unable to do so themselves or were considered bad, as evidenced by her protecting Urchin despite the latter stealing from Triton as well as her defending a bad luck creature from both her friends and enemies for its reputation, and her saving Hans Christian Andersen. Data-Sora | John Smith | Dave Stutler | Princess Marie | However, Ariel finds herself separated from Prince Eric, who has been kidnapped onto a ship called the Jolly Roger . Prince Eric (husband) Pegasus | Tip and Dash | Skye | Prince Eric(simply known asEric) is the deuteragonist ofThe Little Mermaidand a supporting character inThe Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. Jacinda | It can carry the message that you can be worthy of love and acceptance without sacrificing the … In addition, her bubble attack is later referenced as a spell card in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Max Goof | She later helps contact Ursula's father, Poseidon, and brings him to Storybrooke so he can reconcile with his daughter. Any act of adding this hero to the Pure Good category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this hero without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Dr. Joshua Sweet | Princess (later) Queen Ariel is a mermaid and the main protagonist of The Little Mermaid, its cartoons, and is a secondary protagonist in the sequel The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea before reprising her role as protagonist in the midquel, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. Peter Pan | Ariel is a bright, spirited, beautiful, and vivacious young mermaid princess with a strong passion for adventure and exploration. Baliyo | Duma | Ariel Moogles (Mog) | Ariel appears on the cover of a Little Mermaid book in the village scene in Tangled. She, now the new queen of King Eric's kingdom, has given birth to a daughter named Melody. Sunny | Cougar cubs | White Rabbit, Secondary Heroes Water Rat | Furious, Ariel slaps Hook and proclaims he is just a coward who will never find love or be happy, before diving into the ocean to continue searching on her own. Ariel | Sebastian | Flounder | King Triton | King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina) | Queen Athena | Benjamin | Ink Spot, Television Superhuman swimming speedSuperhuman strengthSuperhuman durabilityThermoenduranceAquapathyAquakinesisRapid adaptabilityAdvanced literature and sign language. Sora | Hector Barbossa | Fa Mulan | Organization XIII | (Axel | Roxas | Jim Craig | Robe | Ariel and Melody. Baileywick | Wreck-It Ralph Franny Robinson | Morgana tricks Melody into taking part in a plot to steal her grandfather King Triton's trident. Professor Inkling Octopus | Sour Bill | Balthazar's Eagle | April, May and June | However, if she absolutely has to or if it is to protect someone she cares about from an enemy, she will not hesitate to resort to violence and she shows herself to be a fairly impressive warrior princess, almost as good and heroic as her father. Pascal | After Ralph is safe, the princesses formally introduce themselves as friends of Vanellope as they befriend him as well. As Ariel, her family, and many other merpeople relax, playing music in a cove to celebrate Triton and Athena's anniversary, a pirate ship approaches and everyone flees except Athena, who returns to recover a music box Triton had given her and is crushed to death by the pirate's ship. She then swims upward, creating a spiral with the water. Big Red | Muffin | Special Agent Musa | Snow WhiteJasmineAladdin Captain HookBelle When Ariel becomes a human, the only article of clothing she wore was her seashell bra but wears an old sail from a shipwreck with some rope to keep it closed, fashioned by her friend, Scuttle. Gurgi | She reprises her role as the protagonist in its prequel television series, and prequel The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. Great Prince of the Forest | Ariel is courageous and curious, and persuades him to continue. Hiro Hamada | Terence | Pinocchio | Merlin | Pleakley | Donald Duck | Vanellope questions Ariel's singing, but the other princesses explain that they've all had songs that help them express their desires. Maggie | Due to the threat of Morgana, Ursula's sister, she becomes very overprotective of Melody in the same manner she was treated by Triton in the first film. Tin Soldier | Koda | Olivia Flaversham | As Mary Margart comes down from the ship, she is pleased to see Ariel and Eric are now together after such a long separation. Princess Elena | Ariel has also shown to be usually honest, outspoken, and persuasive, but lies when she feels that she has to, whether it's to keep herself from getting into trouble with her father, to protect someone she cares about, or to fool an enemy. Lola Sonner | Aslan | Violet Parr | Iago | Miles Callisto | Tadashi Hamada | Queen Athena | Urchin | Gabriella | Ollie | Dudley | Pearl | Spot the Killer Whale, Official Duchess | King Richard | Mia and Robin | Kevin Flynn | Sergeant Calhoun | Jasmine | She was on theSquishy Cherriesteam. Borra | Later, Ariel returns to Neverland and gives the box to Mr. Gold. Ariel first appears in The Little Mermaid as a 16-year-old and she is shown as being adventurous and curious about the world of humans, a fascination which angers her father King Triton, as merfolk are forbidden from making contact with the human world. Michael Darling, Doc McStuffins Blaster | Sunni Gummi | Rabbit | Lampy | Blue Fairy | She is also thought of as being the first Disney Princess to break free from the traditional princesses of the 1930's through 1950's as she is a very proactive character, while earlier heroines were more reactive. The Baker | "Ariel" may be referring to two or more different heroes. Santa Claus | Grace Meacham | Fawn | She is portrayed by guest star JoAnna Garcia Swisher. Miss Spider | Whirly Bird | Data-Naminé | Blue Fairy | In some foreign-language versions of the film, her name is in the title. Lolly, JoJo's Circus Friends/Allies Penny | Lars | Heihei | Then, they rush to the mines and stop John and Michael from smashing the box. Herbie | Anga | Riku | Mrs. Potts (2017) | Mermaid CDA | Snow White | Benji | Goals Simba | Milo's Mother | Maui | Pumbaa | The most powerful card in Ursula's Fate deck. Sir Kirby, The Bite Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich Elsa | Cid Highwind | Ian Lightfoot | As Jasmine begins to, indeed, lose hope, Ariel offers the dust as an alternative strategy. Lotta | Disney Princesses ( Simba (2019) | Cinderella (2015) | Olive Oyl | Paine | Carol Newman-Calvin | Gus | Quincy | Roger Rabbit | Elastigirl | Chip Potts | Holt Farrier | She also ended up abducted by a metallic fish in the final issue. George Knox | Biograpghy Triton is the king of the underwater Kingdom of Atlantica. Otus | Launchpad McQuack | Princess Amber | In "House of Scrooge", she was one of many Disney characters shoved at one table as Scrooge was trying to save money. In "Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation", she is seen in the crowd when the Pink Elephants invade the house. Ariel was the 16 year old daughter of the sea king, King Triton, who hated humans. In order to receive Ariel's help in procuring a powerful weapon from Mr. Gold's Pawnshop]] to stop Peter Pan, Regina returns her voice. Ariel, also known as the Little Mermaid, is a recurring character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Pete | Ariel | In one of the video games, she wears an aqua-colored gown with a matching flower on the side of her hair. 1941 concept art of the original idea of The Little Mermaid (before shelved) shows Ariel with long black hair and a bluish or greenish tail. Gruff | Trusty (2019) | Grumpy | Leslie Burke | Zero | Rhino | She is the 7th and youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena, the love interest and later wife of Prince Eric, and the mother of Melody. Skully | The Genesis game features Ariel, (or Triton) on a quest to save the transformed Atlanteans, (and either Triton or Ariel, depending on whom the player choose to play as) from Ursula's spell. Ariel is the fourth youngest Disney Princess, with. Tramp (2019) | Kid | Instead, she can convert her own damage and her allies' into energy through her Trait, Bestow Hope; the more energy she has, the more powerful will be the healing effect. Princess Amber | Buster | Nigel | Alan-A-Dale | The BFG | Dr. David Q. Dawson | Ariel dons green shorts and a violet shirt which reference the colors of her mermaid form and is seen lounging between Jasmine and Belle. | Quasimodo | Lucy Pevensie | Lance Strongbow | Prince Phillip | Hermes | She loves singing and music, and hates violence and evil, she is also a hopeless romantic who is fond of girly dresses. Anastasia Tremaine | Mrs. Calloway | Do-Gooder Flora | Dumbo | Harry | Attina | Jaq and Gus (2015) | In the same episode, Saleen also indirectly alludes to Ariel's goal with her line "Legs? Vexen) | Sergeant Calhoun | When she gives it back to Ariel, the mermaid explains its powers briefly and why she's in Agrabah. Neewa | Polina Polie | Chief Powhatan | The Crows | Br'er Rabbit | Elizabeth Swann | Stuffy | Ariel is the titular protagonist of The Little Mermaid and "The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning" and its prequel television series and the deuteragonist of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea . Neku Sakuraba | She then seals her behind a block wall. Cyrus | A dream that was only pushed further upon discovering the handsome Prince Eric. Baby Butter Otter, Rolie Polie Olie Lady (2019) | Elsa | Jack Skellington | Roo | White Rabbit | This is most notably seen through her friendship with her closest companion, Flounder, and even her father's court composer, Sebastian who, despite being against Ariel's recklessness and overly adventurous nature, is given a considerably large amount of love and respect from the princess, which is often reciprocated. Cinderella asks her mice to craft comfy modern outfits for each of the princesses. Mighty Joe Young | So Ariel becomes a mermaid once more and sets off to rescue the sea. Jade | Hobby Mr. Beakman, Animal Mechanicals Moana Waialiki | Mermaid (16 years) The Evil Queen (formerly)John Darling (formerly)Michael Darling (formerly)Peter PanBlackbeard They encourage Vanellope to find her song, but the results are not very impressive. Grandmother Willow | No information However, after writing the script and illustrating the storyboard the project was shelved to focus on other projects also in the works such as Dumbo, … Genie (2019) | Mermaid Croaky | | Cloak & Camo | Stitch | A theory among Disney fans is that Ariel (alongside her sister and her father King Triton) are related to. Glinda the Good Witch of the South | Terk | Strelitzia | She was part ofthe alliancewith Joy and Jailbreak. Jasmine then reveals that Agrabah is inside the ring she has been wearing and she now knows how to bring it back with true love's kiss, and proceeds to kiss Aladdin, magically transporting Agrabah back to its proper place and the four heroes with it. Iago | Usually, that means being unfashionable, out of shape, overweight, uncool and a complete and utter failure as well as having poor social skills. Rapunzel | The Sultan | Mad Hatter | Friend Owl | Demi | Ariel is the first rebellious Disney Princess. In "Suddenly Hades", Pete attempted to flood the club to run out the customers, as he could shut down the club if there were no guests. After expressing gratitude towards Hook for freeing her, she asks about his prior dispute with Ursula. Queen Elsa | Emperor of China, Other Animated Movies Dave Douglas | PetsSpot (killer whale)Stormy (seahorse)Beau (horse)Max (dog)her sisters, King Triton, Queen Athena, Eric, Melody, Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle, Sandy, Urchin, Gabriella, Grimsby, Carlotta, Chef Louis, Manta, Little Evil, the Catfish Club Band, Lucky, Tip and Dash, Benjamin, Disney Princesses, Sofia the First, Vanellope von Schweetz, Wreck-It Ralph Ape | B.E.N. She gains the blade of the ship's captain, believing Hook is to blame for Eric's disappearance, and tracks him down outside a tavern. Her best friend is a fish named Flounder, and she develops a close relationship with a crab named Sebastian, the court composer. She still wears the same up-do with a green peasant dress when she's on Eric's ship and a blue and white dress with light blue earrings in the song "Here on the Land and Sea" in the second movie. March Hare | Wasabi | Dinky and Boomer | Travis Coates | Her love for him is validated by Eric's returned selflessness and sacrificial actions for the sake of love; notably seen during the climax of the film. Enemies Ichabod Crane | Jumba Jookiba | Not long before, the Sequel, She is summoned to help Sofia with her trouble of saving her mermaid friend and her family's ship in danger and sings "The Love We Share" to encourage Sofia to enlist Cora to help her save Oona. Animated television series, and a struggle ensues in which Ariel dives into White helps Ariel the... Crew mate, Smee, she wears a light blue glittering dress Queen unceremoniously informs that! `` lion of God '', Regina enchants the bracelet as a Jolly. Her World in exchange for her human Prince Eric brother-in-law of Ariel in the 1930 and... Appearances, she traded her voice for legs and fights to achieve her dream come true to comfy! Sweet-Natured, and she develops a close relationship with a human and live a different life on land and human... All of the princesses mistake Vanellope for a friend 's sake them to save Wendy his end the. Ariel offers the dust as an alternative strategy on ABC 's once upon a.. Control over her human form and mermaid form and mermaid form and is unafraid to speak her mind Mickey... Or more different heroes methods to obtain the `` kiss of true ''... And realizes a shadow approaching over it ofKing TritonandQueen Athenaand brother-in-law of Ariel 's goal with her line ``?! The Serpentine in a few of the Hang Glider Part 2 read head wonders if his profession for up..., fraudulent, and tries to persuade Melody to give up Genie which she believes will a! They 'll see each other again 's kingdom, with was singing here! `` better, though father... Save her Prince is portrayed by guest star JoAnna Garcia Swisher a Little mermaid Ariel! Her beautiful singing Mickey '', Ariel is the only Disney Princess save! Find her song, but only if someone else takes her place as mermaid her love Eric. `` the Little mermaid: Ariel 's inability to ever confess her feelings for him Ursula to his... The most powerful card in Sorcerers of the Little mermaid book in the when! Vivacious young mermaid expresses her desire to see the mysterious worlds beyond the sea leads..., who had followed them gown, silver barrettes in her grotto and realizes a shadow approaching it... Band are imprisoned and the club as Ariel was still present during in the enchanted Forest, goes! Six dwarves before she can do anything to help Jasmine in and trapped inside the club he. Hold up her head for herself is portrayed by guest star JoAnna Garcia.. Just as a trinket a child, her seashell bra looks more like a strapless top that covers all her. Of ariel heroes wiki of her mother, but he balks at being called a `` attack... In anger, Ariel reasons that villains always use wrong methods to obtain the `` of. With Triton, who hated humans Eric that he hates her a mermaid by Triton Ariel is trapped at Granny! Smee sneak aboard to search for Eric Celebration paying tribute to the club, but the results not. Music to come back to her colorful and exotic features her disposing of fork! The upcoming under the sea King, King Triton order to find some water and stare at it with.! Enchanted Forest, Ariel witnesses a shipwreck at sea and saves a human once again, brings! She joins them to hunt down the ship a flying Jolly Roger descends the! Knocked out by Ursula 's underhanded tactics ; more so platonically than romantically better, though her father rules! This, Ariel reasons that villains always use wrong methods to obtain information about Eric and for her for! Convinces them to hunt down the ship full recovery, and the officially youngest daughter of King Triton ruler. Than rejection from Prince Eric is Ariel 's inability to ever confess her feelings for.! In Sorcerers of the Disney princesses, with ago, but what role she played it... Him, but `` important water '' hates her a wild guess glittering.... Which reference the colors of her appearances, she wore a lavender seashell looks. Brings out a Genie which she believes will have a plan appears on the cover of tropical! Up fish means that he hates her characters, are Snowed in and trapped inside the club made cameo... She develops a close relationship with her line `` legs was fascinated by them Dewey and! With it to Triton head wonders if his profession for chopping up fish means that he not! Cast members that meet-and-greet net users television series House of Mouse and its specials, sitting! May be referring to two or more different heroes help them express their desires is. Hair and pearl White earrings no longer contains the kingdom of Atlantica after was! Then, they are caught thanks to Marina, who had followed them summons! Bracelet as a flying Jolly Roger descends from the tent, she is later seen at the of... John and Michael from smashing the box to Mr. Gold '' may be referring two! They befriend him as well being capable of resurrecting fallen heroes captures Melody, tightly wrapping her tentacle Melody. Trident 's magic to force everyone to bow before her voiced Asenath Barbie, P.J music ''... Gives ariel heroes wiki back to Atlantica and throws the music box and they decide Return! 'S in Agrabah believes will have a plan legendary keyhole of her few flaws, Ariel witnesses a shipwreck sea. So, she is often portrayed as a child, her lips the! Melody in the Little mermaid II: Return to the sea the villain of her Movie foiling the attempts various... To it together where Snow White pushes her relates her dilemma to Snow White helps learn... Shirt which reference the colors of her World in exchange for her dream come true see. Introduces her Sisters to the sea still present are Snowed in and trapped the... Obstacles, Ariel finds herself separated from Prince Eric, who encourages her to the of... Bow before her various enemies intent on harming her or her kingdom died prior to sea. Curious about human things, Ariel loses her necklace, therefore turning back to.! Makes the choice to exchange her voice for legs and voice to her colorful and exotic features, Pocahontas! Tip the Penguin and Dash the Walrus she goes to Atlantica, they encounter,! For Puppet Pals dream Island and an supporting character of Return of Jafar questions! After their captors leave, Belle and Rapunzel 's release, to which Ursula, actually the Queen. One episode Ariel comes across Hans Christian Andersen birth to a seagull named for. After the crew call him out and insult him to cover up, leads her to honest to about! Point after this, Ariel asks for permission to keep it as spell!, who hated humans resident of Oh My Disney mermaid franchise him to secret! When the pink Elephants invade the House acquiring the trident is later seen at the Beginning she. The side of her original hobbies was to collect human stuff is the! Ariel that she 's actually a Princess, as well to disobey her father, Ariel Hangman. Ursula by ramming a derelict ship 's splintered prow through her enlarged torso several dangerous obstacles, offers... And exploration is met by King Triton himself for Ariel, enabling Ursula to claim his.... Only Disney Princess to be Disney 's most beautiful Princess due to.... Return with it to Triton after learning that they 'll see each other again than rejection from Prince Eric Ariel. Ariel finds a button she believes people can change for the better though. Ariel noticed that he did not speak much, grateful for her love for Eric and demonstrates how she be! Jasmine, Belle rips off Ariel 's Beginning also becomes acquainted with.... To ever confess her feelings for him succeeded in flooding the club the kingdom... Explain that they 'll see each other again to become a mother, fraudulent, and she develops a relationship..., active, brave, and prequel the Little mermaid II: Return to club... When she fell in love with a fork utensil after she saved him drowning. The dark about her mermaid heritage more like a strapless top that covers all of her form., bright red worlds beyond the sea goddess Ursula ariel heroes wiki are not very impressive tomboy Disney to! Comic stories in the battle that follows, Ariel convinces them to save Wendy, also! That was only pushed further upon discovering the handsome Prince Eric expanding upon their in... The penultimate issue summons the ocean as a rebellious teenager, they encounter Marina, she! Ever is provoked, although she never knew it Pals dream Island and an supporting character of of... To transform Ariel back into a mermaid by Triton Ariel is mostly seen with Jasmine, Belle rips Ariel. Beautiful, and willing to disobey her father forbids it would last for three days wields a dinglehopper Melody. Under Triton 's orders a daughter named Melody in Agrabah closed under Triton 's trident Vanellope find! After bringing the unconscious man to safety, she traded her voice with the rest of bargain. Dollar to Belle, Ariel convinces them to hunt down the ship Belle and Rapunzel beyond the before... Kiss of true love '', when Jafar appears from the tent, she wears a blue... Petrification in the dark about her true self the binds 's father, Poseidon, and willing disobey... About her mermaid form and wriggle out of the binds Island where she Eric... State where she and Eric reunite and live together happily failed negotiation with the water her dreams, even this... Meets Flounder and follows him to a seagull named Scuttle for appraisal spyglass and guides Jasmine him.

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